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We are open to VIP members only.

  • Lifetime Emerald VIP: 300 US$    

1.  Pay  Your VIP Fee  Through  paypal:


2. Pay by Wechat:

     Our Wechat ID:    chineselove1

     Add us to your wechat contact, and you can pay via wechat

3. Pay Your  VIP Fee  By Bitcoin:
Please Pay Your VIP  feevBy Bitcoin to the following bitcoin address:

Please click the following link to buy bitcoin:

4.  Transfer Your VIP Fee On Line Easily By Western Union !    
Please Click  Western Union Web Site to Transfer Money:  
When you send money, please  clearly write and fill in the following RECEIVER'S information :
Receiver's First NameHongyan
Receiver's Last Name ( Family Name):  Li                            
Country: China  
Please correctly fill in the blanks with the Receiver's First Name:  Hongyan  and Last Name( Family Name) :  Li


1)  It is very important for you to correctly inform us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and Full Name of Sender and the Amount of Remittance  and  From Where You Sent  after you made a money transfer through the Western Union. 
   Please send email to:   &

   to  tell us  your MTCN and all above information.  

2) If you have some problems in using the Western Union money transfer, you can call the Western Union .  

After you have paid,    Please send an email to:,

 After your membership fee is received by us,  your  VIP Status will be activated immediately .


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